Teenage Bonehead Podcast Episode 08

Episode number 08! I figure i can blast these out if i don’t record my stupid voice.My mics are almost set up though so you might hear me next episode. Special 90’s episode for the next one from my stack of 7″ records. Please subscribe on Itunes!!

1. Cochinas-Grrls
2. Flojos-Vino Tormento
3. The Cherry Icees-You Can Take Me Out
4. The Screaming Brain-New Boyfriend
5. Defective Children-Why Not Tomorrow
6. Hands Like Bricks- Satellite Phone Calls
7. The Gardelics- I Wanna Spend My Life With You
8. The Mishaps- I Was A Teenage Werewolf
9. Strait A’s- Who’s It Gonna Be
10. The Hellstroms- Dianne Debris
11. The Panic Beats- Bash His Brains
12. Lugosi- Flinch
13. Moral Crux- Firing Squad
14. The Fratellis- Nobody Likes Me Again

Teenage Bonehead Podcast Episode 07


I couldn’t find my mic but that just means more music for you! Hooray! Also, DAMMIT! I knew updating the Theme would totally mess up the site, now i have spend some time putting the site back together and making the header to fit the width.Grrrr…..

Old Friends- Tattoo My Brain
Naronic Distress- Successful
Not On Tour- Just Like You
Ningoonies- Admirador Secreto
The Perverts- I Was a PreSchool Jerk Off
The Sheckies- Babypops
Braceface- Bananahs
Numbskull Freakshow- Trudy
Pantones- Ruido Rosa
Capgun- Mira, Look!
The Ugly Kids- Where I’m Going
Ex Teenagers- At The Mall
Idaho Rainys- Tuesday Surprise
Frogball- Quit Everything
Jabber- Talk to You