Thank you so much!

Last night was a pretty amazing show like always! Big props to the bands and everyone that arrived to have a good time. It really means alot to us but…..let’s keep the party going! 1 more band waiting to be confirmed for next months show but in the meantime, here’s the flier!

May 24th Flier

Upcoming Show April 26th

Hey guys, so i have the line up ready for the next show at the Eagle Rock All Star Lanes! Flier should be done soon, I’m just pretty anal about getting the right artwork. I’ve actually scrapped 3 designs already but this last one is pretty cool/funny. Image will be updated when done, in the meantime check out the line up so far. Mostly new bands so I’m hoping you come out and support, thanks!


As If and the Whatevers:

Racing Home:

Numbskull Freakshow:

The Pieces

The Pieces Logo

We got some really cool stuff coming up this year!

Hey guys, Harry Jerkface here! I’m really excited to be able to play with and promote for some of my favorite bands and people. Working with Noe has always been awesome. I’ve been playing and booking shows in the Los Angeles punk rock scene for the past 8 years, and it keeps getting better and better all of the time, because so many people work so hard to keep it growing.

I’d like to shout out a couple of homies and friends that have helped my bands and Teenage Bonehead grow into what it’s become today, as well as festivals and production companies that we love and support:

Misc. Links:
The Scene Report

Production Companies:
The Party’s Over Productions
The Slumber Party’s Over Productions
Drunk and Disorderly Bowling
Radio Radio

Awesome Fest
Way Out West Fest
No Suck Fest

Be on the lookout for shows from Night Birds (NJ), Toys That Kill (CA), Big Eyes (NJ/WA) and more this summer!  Thanks for checking out Teenage Bonehead and have a killer summer!  A-whoa-oh!

-Harry Jerkface

Hello world!

Hi! Well looks like i finally got off my ass and re-did the website! I’m actually pretty excited and pumped up about going full blast with Teenage Bonehead now. Not to say that i wasn’t before but sometimes life gets in the way and certain things have to take a backseat. Now that the site is up i plan on doing minor tweaks here and there but most of my focus will be on the live show’s and the podcast. It feels good to re-commit yourself to something you love and believe in because it wont let you down as long as you put in the time and effort. In case you haven’t been following us on Facebook, I have been luckily enough to be given free reign of the Eagle Rock All Star Bowling Alley for 1 Thursday a month. I’ve been amazed by the support from the fans and the bands alike, it’s been pretty invigorating to say the least. On a related note i also started playing in 2 bands with some of my best friends and I’m pretty stoked about most things in general right now.

Eagle Rock All Star Lanes

Eagle Rock All Star Lanes

So thanks for your support either by coming down to the show’s, listening to the Podcast and adding us on Facebook. I opened up an official Twitter account and a Flickr where i’ll start uploading pictures from the shows once again. So please click on the little icons below and join us on Twitter, Facebook or the Podcast which i linked up to Itunes. Thanks again and I’m glad there’s people out there willing to take a ride with me. I have way too many things planned! See ya at the show!