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Teenage Bonehead was started by me, Noey because of my love for 3 chord pop punk. Growing up back in the mid to late 90’s was a really exciting time in my life that i credit for molding me into the person i am now. Sure this music is silly, stupid and fun but that’s what i love about it.

me drumming

15 Years Old

Life is too serious as it is so why spend my time listening to music that’s going to make me angry or depressed? I want to sing songs about girls, ditching school to go to the show or going to the beach….hopefully all on the same day. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some very amazing people through this music and I’m proud to call them friends now. So i do this for the love of it…I’ve never made any money off of the show’s and even when there was a cover charge involved. I always split it into the bands even though i lose money on it myself. I just do it because i love it and my payment is being  able to see some of my favorite bands live as they leave a little piece of themselves out there playing.


30 Something

Extra special thanks to my little brother Albert which has the bestest pop punk Youtube online and also Harry Jerkface and Jelly Brown. Thanks buddies!!

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