Sorry guy’s i don’t know what happened to episode 1. Must have deleted it from all the servers. If i find it I’ll post up but in the meantime here’s the rest.

Teenage Bonehead Podcast Episode List:

Episode 06:

  1. Operation Ivy- The Crowd
  2. The Wynona Riders- Crazy Man
  3. Go Sailor- Fine Day For Sailing
  4. The Criminals- My School Sucks
  5. Screeching Weasel- Pretty Girls Dont Talk to Me
  6. The Smugglers- Death of a Romantic
  7. The Mr. T Experience- My Stupid Life
  8. Fifteen- End of the Summer
  9. The Invalids- Wouldn’t Care if i Died
  10. Sludgeworth- Someday
  11. Green Day- Dry Ice


Episode 05:

  1. The Gooningtons- Gooningtons Are Go!
  2. The Downstrokes- Napalm Girl
  3. Square- I Wanna Get Drunk with You
  4. Disgusteens- Past Days
  5. The Sneakers- Do You Know
  6. Groovie Ghoulies- Lets Go To The Moon
  7. Rich White Males- Heather, Don’t Touch My Leather
  8. Nine Ideas- Let Me See Your Smile
  9. Las Vin Up- Marzo
  10. The Ex-Boyfriends- Small Brown Bike Trail
  11. The Crumbs- You Make Me Rock n’ Roll
  12. Soketes- Amores Perdidos
  13. Dear Landlord- I Live In Hell
  14. The Mugwumps- Do Time
  15. Teenage Bottlerocket- Mutilate Me
  16. The Braces- I’d Rather Be Hot
  17. Emily’s Army- Broadcast This
  18. The Peabodys- I Wanna Go Parking With You (But I Don’t Have A Car)
  19. The Vindictives- Assembly Line
  20. The Mansfields- Till Death Do We Part


Episode 04:

  1. Fast Food- Soy Un Ramone
  2. Ruth’s Hat- Wont You Be
  3. Retarded- Stupid Boy
  4. After School Special- I Only Wanna Be With You
  5. Mach Pelican- No Way
  6. The Wannabe’s- Here We Go Again
  7. Eddie Murphy’s Law- This Time of Year
  8. Vacation Bible School- Douchebag
  9. Be My Doppleganger- Turning Seventeen
  10. The Copyrights- Crutches
  11. The Creeps- On and On
  12. The Visitors- Golden Coast
  13. The Maxies- Clubbin’
  14. Dead Ringer- We’re Brown As Fuck
  15. The Gangsters- Best Friend


Episode 03:

  1. The Mopes- My Heart Wont Bleed For You
  2. The Apers- Jodie
  3. The Mr. T Experience- Alternative Is Here to Stay
  4. Derozer- Alla Nostra Eta’
  5. The Zeros- Don’t Push Me Around
  6. Rational Anthem- Same shirt different day
  7. Protex- I can only dream
  8. Bubblegummers- no quiero madurar
  9. F.Y.P- I don’t know whats happening to me
  10. SoreSubjects- Sore Head
  11. The Sexingtons- Summer Girl
  12. The Fizzy Pops- Weasel
  13. The Hairlips- Quarter To Three
  14. Carbona- Are You Like i Used to Be
  15. The Budweisers- My Girlfriend is a Bonehead


Episode 02:

  1. Gentlemen Prefer Blood- Cement
  2. The Perverts- Stickin 2 U
  3. Murderland- October Sky
  4. The Ex- Gentlemen- Sunset Strip
  5. The Simplisticks- Time
  6. Naronic Distress- Succesful
  7. The Shrooms- Mini Ha Ha
  8. Regal Beagle- I Dont Wanna Miss You
  9. Mut!ny- King City

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