Teenage Bonehead Podcast Episode 07


I couldn’t find my mic but that just means more music for you! Hooray! Also, DAMMIT! I knew updating the Theme would totally mess up the site, now i have spend some time putting the site back together and making the header to fit the width.Grrrr…..

Old Friends- Tattoo My Brain
Naronic Distress- Successful
Not On Tour- Just Like You
Ningoonies- Admirador Secreto
The Perverts- I Was a PreSchool Jerk Off
The Sheckies- Babypops
Braceface- Bananahs
Numbskull Freakshow- Trudy
Pantones- Ruido Rosa
Capgun- Mira, Look!
The Ugly Kids- Where I’m Going
Ex Teenagers- At The Mall
Idaho Rainys- Tuesday Surprise
Frogball- Quit Everything
Jabber- Talk to You

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