Teenage Bonehead Podcast Episode 10

Yes we’re back! After how many years?? 3 chords (or more) of pure punk rock! 1!2!3!4!

1. Carry On True – Baseball Furies
2. Alguien Mejor (Another Girl) – Fancy Fiasco
3. Out Of My League – Gargamels
4. She’s So Ugly – The Smurfs
5. No Se Donde Voy A Parar – Seguimos Perdiendo
6. I Am A Confused Teenager – The Hot Nasties
7. Matty Loyal – The Chubbies
8. Punk Rock Per Te – I Guerrieri
9. Suzi Is A Heartbreaker – Newton Neurotics
10. Te Burlas, Te Escondes – Los Pepiniyoz
11. Wonderful Girl – Teenage Bubblegums
12. Who’s That Guy Kissing My Girl – Neon Bone

Teenage Bonehead Podcast Episode 08

Episode number 08! I figure i can blast these out if i don’t record my stupid voice.My mics are almost set up though so you might hear me next episode. Special 90’s episode for the next one from my stack of 7″ records. Please subscribe on Itunes!!

1. Cochinas-Grrls
2. Flojos-Vino Tormento
3. The Cherry Icees-You Can Take Me Out
4. The Screaming Brain-New Boyfriend
5. Defective Children-Why Not Tomorrow
6. Hands Like Bricks- Satellite Phone Calls
7. The Gardelics- I Wanna Spend My Life With You
8. The Mishaps- I Was A Teenage Werewolf
9. Strait A’s- Who’s It Gonna Be
10. The Hellstroms- Dianne Debris
11. The Panic Beats- Bash His Brains
12. Lugosi- Flinch
13. Moral Crux- Firing Squad
14. The Fratellis- Nobody Likes Me Again

Teenage Bonehead Podcast Episode 07


I couldn’t find my mic but that just means more music for you! Hooray! Also, DAMMIT! I knew updating the Theme would totally mess up the site, now i have spend some time putting the site back together and making the header to fit the width.Grrrr…..

Old Friends- Tattoo My Brain
Naronic Distress- Successful
Not On Tour- Just Like You
Ningoonies- Admirador Secreto
The Perverts- I Was a PreSchool Jerk Off
The Sheckies- Babypops
Braceface- Bananahs
Numbskull Freakshow- Trudy
Pantones- Ruido Rosa
Capgun- Mira, Look!
The Ugly Kids- Where I’m Going
Ex Teenagers- At The Mall
Idaho Rainys- Tuesday Surprise
Frogball- Quit Everything
Jabber- Talk to You

Ready for October??

Hey gang! I’m happy to announce that October will be an awesome month if your fan and we’re really excited about ALL of these shows, so mark your calendars, join the events and keep a Lookout! here for more news and fliers! Thanks!!



So here’s the deal…..

Blue Star benefit where all my musically inclined friends SHOULD show up and support one of the last venues that we have left for independent music. Otherwise i don’t wanna read your posts bitching about all the venues closing down

My band opening for The Independents who have been playing their style of Horror/Punk/Ska for the last 20 years! So if you dig Elvis singing about bloody murder while skanking you should go!https://www.facebook.com/events/447254178646729/

October 14th Harry and the Hendersons opening up for Moral Crux!!


October 27th my Halloween Teenage Bonehead show at The Redwood in Downtown L.A., more details to come but there will be a whole group of awesome punk bands and possibly the first batch of Teenage Bonehead T-shirts as giveaways

Last but not least, me and my friends playing cover songs for Halloween. Do you like Madonna? Do you like Green Day? D4? Lillingtons? Fucking Alkaline Trio!?? Or how bout the premiere of a 7 act play based on Screeching Weasel and his zany antics?

In the great words of Harry…..
Wear costumes, get drunk. Let’s fucking party.

Super-Duper Labor Day Show!!

Hey guys, got some great shows coming up and i’m compiling some more podcast episodes which should be up pretty soon. Finally was able to set up my office again so the party can get started again! Anyways, check out this awesome show on Labor Day for Jenny from Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s birthday! Come on down!

August Shows

Hey guys!

Thanks for coming out to the last few shows, they’ve been amazing! Extra special thanks to the bands for being awesome and playing these shows. More upcoming shows on the way starting in August with The Marshmallows, Cochinas, So Social +TBA. Flier coming pretty soon, so join the Facebook Event page for more info.

August also see’s us hosting The Secretions from Sacramento,CA!! Rad line up, 2 shows!! Downtown Los Angeles & Orange County on the same day so take your pick!


July 13th Show

Benefit Show, July Friday the 13th!

Hey gang! So I’m proud to announce my birthday show coming up with some super awesome rad bands. It will be a donation show to help me purchase some kind of shitty PA system to keep putting on shows. I’ve been lucky enough to have some great friends lend me their equipment these last 6 shows but there comes a time when i don’t want to bother people or have them go out of their way. So, it’s a donate whatever you want and I’ll use that to purchase whatever i can afford off of Craigslist or whatever. If the possibility of an leftover money comes into the picture i will surely donate it to a good cause. Thanks and stay tuned because there’s so many good shows/events coming up!


July 13th Show